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Province of Lacuterra
Motto: Qui audet adipiscitur (Latin: Who dares, wins)
File:Lake Gaston, Thebes
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Gastonian, Latin
Establishment5 May 2020
Time zoneEastern Time

The Province of Lacuterra is the newest and second smallest province of the Micronational Empire of Thebes. It is located in Lake Gaston.


Lacuterra was named by James I on 5 May 2020. Lacuterra is derived from the Latin words meaning "Lake Land".


Lacuterra's existance was first noticed by Cayden Ludlow in the early days of Thebes. It was confused with Cadmea a great number of times. On the West Gaston Expedition of 2020, Charles Miller noticed the island, and James I decided to annex it. It was a territory for several hours before James I held a vote and made it a province on 5 May 2020. Around this time, the Floods of 2020 reached their peak, and Lacuterra was partly underwater. Lacuterra was governorless until 7 June 2020, when James I appointed Jay Carducci as the governor.


Lacuterra, like most Theban provinces, is governed by a governor appointed by the king.

List of Governors of Lacuterra

Governors of Lacuterra
Name Date of Inaugaration Date of Leave of Office Notes
Jay Carducci 7 June 2020 Incumbent

Geography and climate

Lacuterra as seen from a satellite.

Lacuterra consists of a single island, Lacuterra Island. Lacuterra is about 50 feet off the coast of the United States, and 250 feet away from Laiusa, the nearest Theban province. Lacuterra is very lowlying, and prone to flooding, as it did during the Floods of 2020.

Provincial Items

Since Jay Carducci's appointment as governor, several things have been made official provincial items, as listed below.

Provincial Items
Category Item Significance Date Adapted
Provincial Bird Goldfinch None 8 June 2020
Provincial Animal Quokka Represents Uniqueness 8 June 2020
Provincial Sport Curling None 8 June 2020
Provincial Mammal Dolphin Represents Intelligence 8 June 2020
Provincial Fish Gar Found in Lake Gaston 9 June 2020
Provincial Flower Purple Iris Represents Beauty 9 June 2020
Provincial Dinosaur Parasaurolophus None 9 June 2020
Provincial Insect Lightning Bug Bioluminescence 9 June 2020