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Luxos is the capital of Lacuterra. It was founded on May 5, 2020. It is located in the Micronational Empire of Thebes.



Luxos was founded on May 5, 2020, by King James I. It was named after the Egyptian city of Luxor, because Luxor was formerly the ancient city of Thebes. It was the first city in Lacuterra, and remains the only city to this day.

The Great Gastonian Floods

In late May 2020, and early June 2020, most of the Gastonian provinces were struck by a devastating flood. Like other low lying cities, including New Thebes, Luxos was evacuated due to extreme flooding. It is estimated up to 60% of the city was submerged, and possibly even more.


New Thebes encompasses most of Lacuterra Island. It is a low lying, coastal city and is forested. The area it is in is swampy and is prone to flooding. The American coastline on Lake Gaston sits about 400 feet away from Luxos. The surrounding waters are shallow. Luxos sits about 700 feet away from Laiusa.


As of 2020, Luxos has a population of 1, consisting of 100% of the population of Lacuterra. Luxos makes up less than 1% of the population of the entire country.


Luxos, similar to other provincial capitals, has its governor serving as mayor. The mayor is the sole internal government position within Luxos.

List of Mayors of Luxos(Governors of Lacuterra)

Mayor Start of Term End of Term
Jay Carducci June 7, 2020 Incumbent