Kingdom of Morovia

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Kingdom of Morovia
Flag of Kingdom of Morovia
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Morovia
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Current leader
King Alexander I (Head of State)
• Foundation

Morovia was one of the first anglophone micronations to appear on the internet.


Morovia was established in 1996 by five individuals interested in creating an "imaginary" nation. Lucy Denver, David Shapiro, Erin Gump, Mike Nelson, and King Vincent began to play a game they called Morovia. Morovia developed into a republic, and later a monarchy when the five elected Vincent their sovereign.

This was only the beginning, and in early 1998 the five brought Morovia to the internet. Within weeks of coming online, Morovia signed a treaty of friendship with Reunion. Making many friends, King Vincent did his best to spread the word of this new micronation that was open to all ideas. It was a success, and within weeks Morovia's citizenship roster had risen from five to twenty individuals.

In 1999, a Constitutional Convention was held and the nation adopted a new constitution. This new document guaranteed democracy and equal rights for all citizens. Soon, the so-called Founding Five began to leave Morovia, as they went on to completely different high schools and soon only the King remained.

Despite that, Morovia saw a period of heightened activity and prestige through the years of 1999 - 2002. By mid 2002, the King's real life professional duties resulted in him withdrawing from active participation in helping to run the day to day affairs of the realm. This resulted in unscrupulous parties attempting to take power in Morovia by destabilising the administration of the government. Various attempts were made to revitalise Morovia but almost all failed due to the lack of popular support. Morovia was at it's lowest ebb.

In November 2003, at the behest of Morovian and micronational leaders, the King returned to play an active role in the governing of the realm. Immediately, he pledged his commitment to the work begun before and during his absence to revitalize Morovia and attract new citizens. By late 2004, Morovia had "returned to normalcy," her people remained positive, focused, and intent on maintaining the nation's rightful place as a leader of the micronational community. King Vincent abdicated in favour of King Adam, who ascended the throne in April 2005. Morovia soon went inactive as macronational commitments drew away its population.

In November 2006, his Majesty King Adam I was unable to actively rule the Kingdom and appointed King Alexander to be Royal Regent, a legal condition which continued until January 2009.

In October 2007, it was announced that Morovia had returned to the active micronational community for a one-month trial period, during which an election would be held to seat a new Royal Assembly. In November, the newly-elected assembly will decide whether the micronation will remain active past the expiry of the experimental period.

On or about November 18, 2007, all of the posts of the Democratic Centre political party were mysteriously deleted, along with all posts of one relatively active citizen. The incident was never explained, despite the interest of many prominent members of the Government. Shortly thereafter, he King stopped posting, and the citizenry evaporated.

The Kingdom of Morovia is inactive and its forum was locked in March 2008.

In January 2009, after years of watching the nation of Morovia suffer from absentee Monarch, and seeing the plight of the Morovians, and seeing that neither King Vincent or King Adam would ever deliver to the people the Monarchy that Morovians so richly deserved and so badly cried out for, King Alexander claimed the Throne of Morovia for himself. No further information about the fate of Morovia is known, and the project is considered to be defunct.


The Kingdom of Morovia was a constitutional monarchy. King Vincent III served as head of state while the Peoples Representative functioned as head of government. Despite the unique title, the Peoples Representative was akin to a first minister, or in modern parlance, a Prime Minister. With the informal consent of the Peoples Representative, the King appointed government ministers and other officers of state. Legislative authority rested in the historically five member Royal Assembly. Although the Crown reserved the right to veto legislation, neither Vincent III or Adam I ever exercised that prerogative.

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson was one of the five founders of the Kingdom of Morovia. He served as the community's first Minister of Citizenship, later Immigration, as well as several terms in the Royal Assembly. Not very active after Morovia's move to the internet, it is unclear when he resigned his citizenship. He remained a macronational friend of King Vincent III.


The first map of Morovia was published in 1999 and designed by HRH Prince Alan of Grønbjerg of the Triselene Imperium, Knight-Commander of the Royal Cross of Morovia. Despite the overwhelming popularity of micronational cartography projects, Morovia joined with older Anglophone micronations and refrained from participation when the MCS first emerged.

Grønbjerg Map of Morovia

Media, Culture and Education

Most Morovians got their news from The Briesk Evening Standard, although the most popular place to meet was the Salon, on the community's discussion forums. Victoria University was located in scenic Valois.

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