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King Vincent III of Morovia, is a veteran micronationalist. Crowned in April 1996, the King is one of the Five Founders and he has been called the "guiding force of Morovia." As a consequence of real life obligations, he abdicated in January 2005, but he was proclaimed King again in September 2007. Despite his two-year interregnum, he remains a respected figure in the micronational world.

A constitutional monarch, the King's ability to influence public policy debates rests in the wisdom of his experience and his insistence upon never revealing the content of his advice to ministers without their express consent. As head of state, he is Commander-in-Chief of the Morovian Armed Services, President of the Board of Trustees of Victoria University, and serves as Honorary President of the Morovian Red Cross. He is also the Secretary-General of the League of Monarchist States.

Separate from his official responsibilities, the King has written extensively on micronational issues, most notably his 2002 memoir Always a King. He is also an occasional contributor to The Briesk Evening Standard.

The King's full style and title is, "His Royal Majesty, Vincent III, By the Acclamation of the People, King of Morovia, Prince of Briesk, Grand Duke of Gotha, Marquis of Leben, Count of Stattlich, Knight-Commander of the Royal Cross of Morovia, Knight-Commander of the Order of St. George, Knight-Commander of the Grand Cross of Grognardia, Knight-Stranger of the Most Noble Order of the Act of Hanover, Head of the Royal House of Morovia."

In 2004, the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia bestowed upon Vincent the title, "Friend and Ally of the Cyberian People." He was the first individual to receive such an honor.

In macronational life, he received a Bachelor of Science cum laude in Political Science. He lives in Amsterdam where he is pursuing a Master of Arts in European Studies.

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