Kingdom of Liveno

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The Kingdom of Liveno
Flag of Liveno
Flag of Liveno
Coat of arms of Liveno
Coat of arms
Motto: In Libertas Vivimus
In Liberty we Live
Map of Liveno
Map of Liveno
Largest cityConland
Official languagesEnglish Schpektenian
GovernmentConfederal Kingdom
• King
King Jumbo I of Liveno
• 2023 estimate
• Census

The Kingdom of Liveno is a micronation based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Liveno was founded on the 17th of January, 2023.


The Kingdom of Liveno took the word "Liberty" and brainstormed with it, finding Liveno.


On January 30th, 2023, the Second Republic of Schpecktenia declared war on the Kingdom of Liveno. This had a major impact on the people of Liveno. Schpecktenia mercilessly attack Liveno, leaving them no choice but to fight back. The Schpecktenia-Liveno War is considered a major event in Livenonian history. After this Liveno started to do nothing until recently of 2024 where new states are starting to be created and the Livenonian council is starting to erupt with members healing the Livenonian Population Crisis.

Politic and government

The nation's government is a Confederal Kingdom with Libertarian based principles the nation has 2 parts of state the Monarchy and the Livenonian Council the Livenonian council is filled with the people that lead states and vote on acts and bills that are sent in. The Monarchy is ran by the House of Morris and is very limited to where the monarchy can not make ratify constitutional amendments on its own and can only make a national currency, declare wars, enforce borders, and enforce the constitution.

Law and order

There is no law and order in Liveno but there is a jury if a state wants to make a jury and if a state wants to make policing for their state they can do that.


Liveno consists of a very small military of one person from the State of Nissian Skylines and the King of Liveno is apart of it too.

Foreign Relations


Liveno currently has no allies.

Mutual recognition

Unilateral recognition

Recognition Refused

Administrative Regions

States of Liveno
Flag Name Population
Bettland N/A
Nissian Skylines N/A
Emonia N/A
Waldia N/A

Geography and climate

The climate of Liveno varies by what season it is, but it is mostly rainy. The geography of Liveno is a wet, urban landscape.


The culture of Liveno is a mix of American and Anglo-Saxon. Art is important in Livenonian culture, a good example of this would be Bettland, which is home to an art gallery.


Holidays of Liveno
Date Holiday Description
17 January Livenonian Independence Day A day dedicated to celebrating the independence of Liveno.
7 December Constitution Day A day dedicated to when the Livenonian constitution was ratified.