Kingdom of Borgsland

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Kingdom of Borgsland
Motto: Hail to our forefathers
Anthem: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Menuett
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)American and Borgslandic
GovernmentUnitary constitutional monarchy
• HM King
LegislatureRoyal Diet of Borgsland (never established)
• Census
Time zoneCT
Preceded by
Succeeded by
w: United States
New Scythia

The Kingdom of Borgsland, shortened to Borgslandwas micronation located in Wisconsin, that declared its statehood on January 24th, 2019. After a lengthy period of inactivity and was later succeed by the Federation of New Scythia


The Borgsland is a combination of two words, Borg's, which is King Justinian's Surname used to denote his family's ownership of Land, which is the second part of the name.


Provisional Government

on January 24th 2019, Borgsland officially declared its statehood via a declaration of independence formally signed by Justin, he gave one copy to his father, and sent the other to his local congressmen, Glenn Grothman, via e-mail. Grothman has yet to reply to the e-mail. The next day, Justinian ratified the constitution.

on January 28th, Justinian made a speech that he would post on YouTube introducing Borgsland and announcing the launch of its official website. In the speech, in the speech, King Justinian addressed Borgsland's goals and intentions for the future, namely, to amass enough citizens to ratify a permanent constitution, establish a military, hold a democratic election for its Royal Diet, and, hold King Justinian's formal coronation. The next day, after opening its official Discord server, Borgsland was invited to join many newly formed YAMO organizations such as the Micronation security league , the World Micronatonal Committee, the League of Micronations, and the Micronatonal Peace Treaty Pact.

Dissolution and the establishment of New Scythia


The government of Borgsland was described in its constitution, as an autocratic government managed by royal decrees made by its King that aimed to reform into a semi-constitutional monarchy after it has gained enough citizens.