Kaiserliche Universität

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Kaiserliche Universität
Kaiserlichen Universität.jpg
Emblem of the KU
Motto:: Knowledge Before All
Established July 10, 2012
Type Flagship State University
Students graduated 1
Minister of Education Rebbeca Panks
Rector Arthur Lobão
General information
Location South Würdigestadt, Würdigeland
Colors   Prussian Blue
Mascot Cow (Due to the university abbreviation, KU)


The Kaiserliche Universität was formally founded on July 1, 2012 in South Würdigestadt It was founded after the Educational Act 1.2012 Passed in the house of Lords.


The Universität offer courses in:

  • Würtige Law
  • Diplomacy
  • Languages
  • History and Philosophy
  • Culinary
  • Military tactics and strategy
  • Political preparation course


The Universität forms both professionals and Military Officers according to the Governments needs. Great political figures studied here, such as Arthur Lobão and Otávio Mangini.

Students of this University have the biggest chances in having a governmental job, as it's level of education is regarded as very high.

Military formation

As students finish the Military tactics course, they can opt into the 1st Würtige Guard Division officer program, which is given in the Universität.

List of notable students