Jamez & Woland: Attorneys at Law

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Jamez & Woland: Attorneys at Law
Privately Held Company
GenreInter-Micronational Law
PredecessorSmith & Associates Law
Founded17 July 2020
FounderJamez, Woland
Area served
Micronational Community
Key people
Jamez, Woland

Jamez & Woland: Attorneys at Law, also known as Jamez and Woland, is an inter-micronational law firm, founding from the secession of Jamez and Woland from Smith & Associates. Founded on July 17, 2020, the firm accepts cases of all types, for misdemeanors, felonies, etc. The founders are the only active attorneys for Jamez & Woland.



Jamez and Woland: Attorneys at Law was founded on July 17, 2020, as the name of the firm suggests, by Jamez, former First Secretary of Desert District and micronationalist, and Woland, a well-known micronationalist attorney who came to prominence as the defense attorney in the controversial Aydan Dillion v. New Almendria trial. Both were former attorneys at Smith & Associates, another micronational firm. The two departed the day prior to the founding of Jamez & Woland due to their dislike of the direction of the company, and their 0% success rate, alongside the fact they had become a meme in the MicroWiki community.