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The Smith & Associates Law Firm
Privately Held Company
GenreMicronational Law
PredecessorLenlo Law Firm
Founded26 June 2020
FounderLennon Smith
Area served
Micronational Community
Key people
Lennon Smith & Helge Kim

The Smith & Associates Law Firm (formerly known as Lenlo) is a law firm which, is mostly known, for working with criminal and administrative law in the jurisdictions of common law. It was founded on 26 June 2020 by Lennon Smith as Lenlo Law Firm but on 29 June 2020 he resigned from the office of director and transferred the management to Helge Kim. Then on July 13, they decided to co-run the company.

Notable Cases

Malinovia vs Micronational Assembly

Malinovia v Micronational Assembly was a case, proceedings conducted in the Micronational Assembly, that accused the leadership of the same organisation of violating their charter. The Malinovian delegation filed suit, but the case was denied, prompting them to file suit again, again being denied and thus losing the case.

Addison Dillon vs New Almendria

Addison Dillon vs New Almendria was a case where former Premier of New Almendria Addison Dillon was charged in an impeachment trial with one count of direct Disturbance of Peace and one count of indirect Disturbance of Peace due to a Discord server nuking. Smith attorney Woland defended the Premier. The jury subsequently found him guilty of indirect Disturbance of Peace and not guilty of Direct Disturbance of Peace, with the former resulting in the default sentence of immediate removal from office. This made a partial success for Smith & Associates.


Members are the Lawyers of the Firm. They may have specialisations in particular fields of micronational law or the laws of specific micronations.


Smith & Assoc. provides legal services to the micronational community. Those wishing to engage their services can contact them using their form. Business is conducted mainly via Discord, specifically the firm's server and the servers of micronations concerned.