James I, High King of Angador

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James I
National flag of Angador
High King of Angador
Reign26 January 2008 – 14 April 2011
PredecessorThrone established
SuccessorAngador dissolved

James O'Cobhthaigh was the High King of Angador. He became High King on the day he proclaimed the nation of Angador as a state on 26 January 2008, but lost the throne when he dissolved Angador on 14 April 2011. He claimed to come from a long line of ancient kings from Ireland in the southern portion of the island.


-Noble Titles:

  • High King of Angador
  • King of Corcu Loidge
  • Lord High Steward of Caifethuil
  • Duke of Snow Hill
  • Duke of Samphrey
  • Baron of Roulais
  • Baron St George

-Heraldic Titles:

Former Style

His Majestic Highness James I, High King of Angador, King of Corcu Loidge, Baron St George, Duke of Samphrey, Baron of Roulais, Duke of Snow Hill, Lord High Steward of Caifethuil, Grand Knight of the Royal Order of Saint Christopher, Turtle of the Ancient Order of Turtles, Knight of the Holy Military Order of Saint Polycarpus, Grand Cross of the Royal Carolinian Order


  • "If you do not care of what happens to me internally, then I will not care of you internally."- On one's domestic affairs.
  • "I will join a intermicronational organisation when the term YAMO falls from existence."- On intermicronational organisations.
  • "It will never work because being failed in theory is why it fails in practice."- On micronationalist collectivists.
  • "It is the concept of it, the idea, not the reality." - On Carolinianism.