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Jackson Niles Alexander

1st Governor of Emerald Isle
Time in office March 21, 2012 – present
Preceded by: Himself as President
1st President of Emerald Isle
   Time in office January 15, 2011 - March 27, 2011 reestablished April 6, 2011 – present
  Precceded by: Office astablished
  Succeeded by: unditermined
1st King of Emerald Isle
Time in office August 18, 2010 – present
preceded by: Office established
Succeeded by: Office ended
1st President of Cliff Island
Time in office January 2 - August 17, 2010
Proceeded by: office established
succeeded by: Office ended
1st Governor of the Executive District
Time in office:
January 5, 2010 - August 17, 2010

Preceded by:

succeeded by:

Office established

Office ended

Personal information
Born: 1998 (age 24–25)
Macronationality: American
Micronationality Emerald Islander
Political Party: Emerald Isle Liberal Party
Residence: Jacksonville, Capital District
religion: Christian but only slightly religious
non-religious beliefs:

reformed Neo-confederate, Anti-Communist

Jackson N. Alexander (Born 1998) is an American micronationalist in North Carolina.


He was born on August 7, 1998, as the first of four children, in Nightdale, NC - the Child of Joesph Perry Alexander And Catherine Niles Alexander. He lived in Nightdale for two years where his sister, Caileigh Alexander was also born. His family then moved to Carteret County NC for three more years after which he moved again to Maine for two years.

Whilst in Maine, Jackson's great-grandmother died of natural causes. Jackson's mother inherited her house and the field behind it.The family moved there for three years. Jackson often called it the "best place I've lived". The family still owns the field and it is today the Oak Territory.

The family moved around the triangle area several times when Jackson began to think of creating a micronation. But in late 2009, his parents got divorced. This significantly affected his life for the three years. during that this time he moved to Emerald Isle, NC where he continues to live. There he became friends with Conor O'Leary and Logan Clarke. They soon formed the Democratic Republic of Cliff Island which he became President of. Following this, he became King of Emerald Isle and later president until the nations fall in 2012.

Full title

Governor Jackson Niles Alexander of the Territory of Emerald Isle and Coast Guard Point.


Civilwarribbon.png Atlantis Civil War Campaign Medal
Order of the star.jpg Order of the Star

Hamlinian Civil War Medal.jpg Hamlinian Civil War Metal