Invasion of Sydney Park

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Invasion of Sydney park

Map of Division Zones post invasion
Date5 March 2022 - 10 March 2022
Sydney Park

Coalition victory

  • United Colonies was dissolved
  • Coalition gained territory in Sydney Park
  • United Colonies leaders arrested and forced to pay reparations for "instigating the conflict and being the main aggressor forcing a combined response"


Badu Park Municipal Government
Mugahan Rump State
People's Republic of Odea
Technocracy of McMahon
Empire of Douglas Grant Park
People's Republic of Nguyenistan
Republic of Xahastan
United States of Jubilee Park

Supported by:

Free Cities of Provincetown & Charleston
Johnston's Creek Liberation Army

People's Front

United Colonies of Sydney Park

Supported by:
7-Eleven Camperdown Military Operations Division

  • Katoomba Police (alleged by Japitty Cumquat)
  • Inner West Council
Commanders and leaders
Japitty Cumquat
Dick Smith
Field Admiral Testicle Garcia
Hummus McDonnell
Potty "the Salsa" John
David Armington I
John "Chicken Shitty Pants" McToilet
Balls Mcsmith
Cheezit McDaniels
Holy Chaplain Nguyen
Xabier Asensio
Feather Duster McBalls
Edwin Fuck
Gerald Ballsniffer (former Sailor in the BPMPN)
David Toolchest
Captain Pregnant Nathan

Martin Smith
John Stanton

Jayadev Kiran
Approx. 500 Approx. 200
Casualties and losses
5 killed
10 Injured
Over 100 killed
Approx. 80 Injured
Over 100 civilians killed (estimated)

The Invasion of Sydney Park was a large scale collation invasion of the United Colonies of Sydney Park. The invasion was headed by the Badu Park Municipal Government, the Republic of Xahastan, the Empire of Douglas Grant Park and the United Micronational Force (comprised of smaller micronations and groups).


The conflict has its roots in the foundation of the United Colonies. The United Colonies of Sydney Park was established in late 2021 by two men: Martin Smith and John Stanton. Both these men had been interested in micronations since a young age and had founded numerous over the span of their childhood. In 2019 both men gave up on running their own micronation and began to search for micronations to join. They at first tried to apply for citizenship with the Badu Park Municipal Government but were subsequently attacked by Japitty Cumquat for 'being illegal immigrants'. John Stanton sustained facial lacerations. The two men then applied for citizenship at the Republic of Xahastan, they soon withdrew their application due to Xahastan's communist nature and intolerance for certain political views. The two men also applied for citizenship with the Empire of Douglas Grant Park, United States of Jubilee Park, Mugahan Rump State, People's Republic of Nguyenistan and the People's Republic of Odea. They soon withdrew all their applications after realising that most of the leaders were insane and delusional. After being appalled by the quality of the micronations in the Inner West they joined the Sydney Micronational Club (a small club of people who were looking to found a collective micronation) and began to plan the creation of a new micronation. The group soon settled on Sydney Park as their territory. The members then took a bus down to Sydney park where they offered the Inner West Council $200,000 of pooled money for the park. The council sold the park to the Sydney Micronational Club who soon declared the establishment of the United Colonies. The new United Government invited many local residents to the establishment party. The group began to clean the park and hang up flags. They also opened a small community vegetable garden and cafe. Many patrons of the park referred to the park as a 'nice place' with a 'pleasant atmosphere'. Japitty Cumquat soon got wind of the micronation after a year of its foundation and immediately contacted the Republic of Xahastan and asked to discuss the United Colonies. The Xahastanian government agreed and soon informed the other micronations in the area who also agreed to discuss. The leaders of the micronations then held a summit at Bishop Street McDonalds where the community came to the unanimous resolution that the United Colonies of Sydney Park had to be destroyed.



The newly established coalition of nations soon began strategizing and pooling resources together. Badu Park offered their Goalkeeper CIWS and Presidential Guard and the Republic of Xahastan offered their tanks and aircraft, Douglas Grant Park offered their 'nukes' (in violation of the Treaty of Katoomba) and the Johnston's Creek Liberation Army offered their explosives training and knowledge. The plan came down to this: The Badu Park Municipal People's Defence Force would invade from the northwest, take the capital and arrest the leadership, A coalition of Xahastanian and Johnston's Creek Forces would invade from the north and take Northport (now Road City) and Mt Newfendshire (now Planespotters Mountain), the Imperial Military Force of Douglas Grant Park would invade from the west and a collation of smaller micronations (the Mugahan Rump State, United States of Jubilee Park and the Technocracy of McMahon) and the JCLA. The nations soon began mobilising to execute this plan.

Air Campaign

The invasion force began a preemptive aerial strike which was supposedly "targeting communications and government buildings, as well as enemy air capabilities to destroy all chance of resistance against the extremely popular and trendy invasion", while the actual aim was kill all civilians in the park so they don't have to kill them by hand. The combined popular air force flew over sydney park, causing a Boeing 747 to crash land in St Peters, also deliberately crashing an F2A into an Airbus A380 as it was "an enemy air force bomber resisting arrest". The Xahastanian MiG-23 shot down a high-altitude weather enthusiast for "violating a no-fly zone". A news helicopter was shot down after a the Xahastan Submarine, anchored off shore, fired a tomahawk cruise missile at the helicopter, mistakenly believing it contained elderly civilians committing espionage on behalf of the Katoomba Police, under order by Supreme Air Corporal Japitty Cumquat. After eliminating aerial threats, they began strafing civilians on the ground, claiming them to be communications officers, killing 52 civilians. They also bombed the Skate Park, claiming it was a SAM system. The Air Campaign is the largest mass murder in Australian History, with at least 70 people killed during the air attack, with about the same number injured.

First Invasion and Fall of Hampshire

On 5 March 2022 Badu Parkian forces amassed close to the border of the United Colonies. The Badu Park Municipal People's Defence Force comprised of 200 men and 30 Presidential Guard, all equipped with Type 100 submachine guns and supported by a Goalkeeper CIWS mounted on the back of a stolen pickup truck. The force also was bolstered by air support from Xahastan's MiG-23 and Il-28. The Badu Park Municipal People's Defence Force began the assault by charging into the park and shooting anyone dressed in a uniform. They received little resistance from the United Colonies Security Force (the 'military' of the United Colonies, who are just people role playing police). Most of the United Colonies Security Force were killed in the in the first hour of the invasion. Members of the Presidential Guard then stormed the capital building (a former brick factory) shooting and killing the members of the United Council with the rest being captured and executed on site. At the end of the assault 28 people were dead and 9 were injured, among the casualties were council workers who were shot purely because they worked for the inner west council.

Xahastanian Invasion and 'Night of Terror'

Five minutes after the Badu Park Municipal People's Defence Force captured the capital of Hampshire the Xahastanian Defence Force invaded from the north