Yokonese National Party

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Yokonese National Party
Leader Okihara Yamato
Founded 24 July 2015
Dissolved 6 August 2015
Headquarters Kamigawa, Yoko
Youth wing Toyosaki Youth
Foreign volunteer wing Yokonese Volunteer Front
Ideology Monarchism, Yokonese Nationalism, Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism
National affiliation Toyosaki dynasty
Official colors Red, black, and white
Election symbol

The Yokonese National Party (Japanese:洋子国民党) is a defunct, illegal far-right political party in Yoko. The party was formed by Kiseki Toyosaki in 2015. Established to promote the ideals of Monarchism. The party was soon banned by Emperor Kiseki Toyosaki since he seems nationalism were unsutiable for Yoko.