Iceni Socialist People's Party

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Iceni Socialist People’s Party
Secretary GeneralJohn Gordon
Standing Committee
Slogan"Serve the People"
HeadquartersVenta Icenorum
Membership  (2021)?
Iceni Communism
Iceni Nationalism
Political positionFar-left
Official colors     Scarlett Red

The Iceni Socialist People’s Party is the only political party in the real-socialist country State of Iceni. The task of the party is to develop and fundamentally establish socialism in Iceni.

Goal of the party

As of the website of the Government of the State of Iceni:

To advance the Socialist ideal within the state that shall work in cooperation with the citizens for a brighter more prosperious and stable future through the Rex Icenae and State Affairs Commission.

Central Committee

The Central committee meets once a month to discuss policies and review and affirm the party charter and to report on the state of policies being implimented.

The central committee is comprised of:

Chairman: Rex Icenae John Gordon

Vice Chairman: Adam Borrer

Member: Airan Bloomfield

Member: Mike Miles

Member: Brian Coleman

Party congresses

The banner of the first party congress.
  • 1st SPP Congress (5th-7th February 2021), Slogan: "Working towards a socialist future"