Iceni Communist Party

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Iceni Communist Party
Secretary GeneralJohn Gordon
Standing Committee
Slogan"Serve the People"
Founded24 April 2019
HeadquartersVenta Icenorum
NewspaperIceni Observer
Membership  (2020)5
Iceni Communism
iceni Nationalism
Political positionFar left
National affiliationUnity Front
Official colors     Scarlett Red
Cabinet positions
8 / 8
National People's Congress
7 / 9

The Iceni Communist Party is the ruling party of the Iceni Democratic Republic. It has absolute de facto rule over the Iceni Democratic Republic. The Iceni Communist Party's power within the state is enshrined in the Iceni Constitution.

The ICP's mission is to promote socialism, Marxism, democratic socialism and supports ethical, democratic self-determination efforts.