Iacof ap Antoni

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Custodian of the Republic
Iacof ap Antoni
1st Primier of Daragonia
Pendraig Malcom Conner
Predecessor Post established
Successor Mgh. Beans
Member of the Legislative Assembly of Caudonia
Incumbant office
14th of march 2020
Prince William I of Caudonia
Prime Minister Andrew West
General Secretary of the Republican Peoples Party
Incumbant office
13 march 2020
Predecessor Post established
Successor Post abolished
Personal information
Born 16 October 2002
Citizenship New Cambria
Nationality Welsh
Ethnicity Welsh
Political party Caudonian Labour Party
Labour Party (New Cambria)
Occupation Politician

Iacof ap Antoni (Polish: Yákov Antonowicz Szydłowski) is a Caudonian, New Cambrian and Daragonian politician. He was a founding member of Daragonia.

He is a member of the Caudonian parliament and a member of the interim government of New Cambria and is of Welsh and partial Polish descent.

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