House of Mejakhansk

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House of Mejakhansk
Country Duchy of Nemkhavia
Parent house None
Titles Duke of Nemkhavia
Current head Marka, Duke of Nemkhavia
Founding year 2009
Ethnicity Nemkhavia
Cadet branches None

The House of Mejakhansk is the current ruling house of the Duchy of Nemkhavia. The current Head of the House is Marka, Duke of Nemkhavia.


The Mejakhansk family has been a major part of Nemkhav political and social life since the foundation of the nation in 2009, with Marka Mejakhansk holding major office in every system of government used over the years.

The Mejakhansk family first claimed the status of a royal house with the founding of the short-lived Kingdom of Nemkhavia, with a brief restoration during the equally short-lived Nemkhav Empire the following year. With the rise of the Nemkhav Federation, the family remained a prominent but non-royal fixture of national affairs.

With the declaration of the Duchy of Nemkhavia in 2021, the House was elevated to the status of Ducal House.