House of Mejakhansk

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House of Mejakhansk
Country Nemkhavia
Parent house None
Titles King of the Nemkhavs, Prince of Nemkhavia, Princess of Nemkhavia, Lord/Lady of Cooley, Lord/Lady of Wicklow
Founder Federal Senate Vote
Current head Lord Ovenjesk Mejakhasnk, The Lord Owen of Wicklow
Founding year 2009
Ethnicity Nemkhavia
Cadet branches None

The House of Mejakhansk is the current ruling family of the Kingdom of Nemkhavia. As the line of Kings of the Nemkhavs had been lost to the annals of time, the Federal Senate decided to vote for a new King. When former Premier of the Nemkhav Federation Mark Meehan was voted to become the King, his family became the Royal House of Nemkhavia on the advice of prominent scholars.

The current Head of the House is the King's father, Lord Ovenjesk Mejakhansk, The Lord Owen of Wicklow.


The Nemkhav people had been ruled by a Line of Kings for centuries, both before and after they arrived on the island of Ireland. The Line had fallen after an unspecified event in history. When the people of Nemkhavia voted in Mark Meehan as King, it was decided that his family would become the Royal House. The King's name in the Nemkhav language is 'Marka Mejakhansk', so the House of Mejakhansk came into existence.