House of Farrell

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House of Farrell
800px-O'FARRELL Coat of Arms.jpg
TitlesGrand Duke of Duschvaria
Current headMason I, Grand Duke of Duschvaria
Founding1014, 2018 (As a noble and royal house)
EthnicityGerman, Irish, English, Slovak, Welsh

The House of Farrell is a Royal Family with origins mostly from the British Isles, Germany and Slovakia. It holds some power in the Empire of The Universal Chat with the Duchy of Southwest Hamburg, though the title is honorary. the Modern Family was founded November 2 by His His Majesty Mason Farrell, Grand Duke of Duschvaria & head of the family (Though the family has possibly existed since 1014). It currently rules over the Grand Duchy of Duschvaria. The Motto is "Prodesse Non Nocere." (English: Do Good, Not Evil.)


The following is a list of all Members of the House of Farrell by the Male line.

  • John Farrell 1829-1910 (Irish Immigrant)
  • Thomas Farrell 1882-1951 (Served in WW1)
  • Thomas Michael Farrell 1924-1997 (Member of the U.S Air Corps during World War 2.)
  • *Private* Farrell (Father of Mason Farrell)
  • HM Mason I, Grand Duke of Duschvaria 2005-


Despite the Family having origins possibly as far back as 1014, the Modern branch of the House of Farrell was established November 2, 2018 by HGH Mason Farrell. The families power began in the Universal Chat with it's colony of Southwest Hamburg.

The Family currently owns the lands of the County of Sachsburg and the Magraviate of Neu Glücksburg. Both of which are apart of the Grand Duchy of Duschvaria, which the Family also Rules.

Inheritance and Family History

On the maternal side of the Modern branch of the House, the family distantly descends from Prince Rupert of The Rhine, who was apart of the Palatine-Simmern branch of the Bavarian Wittelsbach family. Thus making the Farrell's heirs to the Count Palatine of the Rhine by the Palatine Simmern branch, agnatically atleast. On the paternal side the family is possibly distantly related to famous german aircraft producer Hugo Junkers. And it is also believed that they are descended from Irish King Ó Fearghail who fought against Vikings with the legendary Irish Hero Brian Boru. For simplicity reasons, the Grand Duke indentifies the family as simply 'Irish-German' or 'German-Slovak' in roots.