Duschvarian Monarchy

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Grand Duke of Duschvaria
Royal coat of Arms of
Mason I

Style His Majesty
Heir apparent Unknown
First monarch Mason I
Formation 3 November 2018
Appointer Hereditary

The monarchy of Duschvaria, otherwise known as the Duschvarian Monarchy is the absolute monarchy of the Grand Duchy of Duschvaria. The head of the monarchy is also the head of the House of Farrell. The current head is Mason I.


The Monarch, otherwise referred to as His/Her Majesty (formally His/Her Grand Highness) is the head of state of Duschvaria. They possess all forms of legislative, judicial and extensive powers. Thus meaning they run a large majority of state affairs.

Powers and Duties

Monarchs of Duschvaria have the right to do the following:

  • The power to create or Abolish Government Agencies
  • The power to Appoint local nobles to govern new towns, cities and land
  • The power to appoint a Prime Minister
  • The power to grant peerages
  • The power to appoint people into the Duschvarian Orders of Chivalry
  • The power to command the Duschvarian Armed Forces
  • The power to form diplomatic relations with another micro nation
  • The power to declare War on another Micronation
  • The power to enforce martial law in times of turbulence
  • The right to hold all hereditary titles
  • The right to deport unlawful citizens


The monarchy was founded by Mason I on November 3, 2018. The rule of the Monarch nearly became a constitutional one, but this was soon replaced with the idea of a absolutionist monarchy.

The monarch has supreme official and political power on all aspects on Duschvarian affairs.

List of monarchs

Portrait Name Born Became monarch House
December 2018 – present
Mason F, Grand Duke of Duschvaria July 22, 2005 November 3, 2018 Farrell