Holy Republic of Waterslandia

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Waterslandia, officially the Holy Republic of Waterslandia, is an absolute monarchy in North America. Waterslandia is free of tax and is one of two carbon negative nations in the world.

Holy Republic of Waterslandia
Southern Baptism Christianity
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
LegislatureThy Royal Family
• Declaration of independence
08 October 2022
CurrencyUnited States Dollar


The Waterslandian Ministry of Education plans to open a public school for Waterslandian children in November 2022.

Faith and religion

The official faith of Waterslandia is Christianity. The largest denomination practiced in Waterslandia is Southern Baptism. Religion in Waterslandia is managed by the Ministry of Faith.


Main article: military of Waterslandia; His Majesty’s Royal Military

Waterslandia has a military, His Majesty’s Royalty Military. His Majesty’s Royal Military was founded 9 October 2022 and has an army. It is estimated that around 40% of the Waterslandian population is a member of His Majesty’s Royal Military or is in His Majesty’s Royal Military Reserve.

Recognized micronations

Main article: alphabetical list of micronations recognized by Waterslandia


The Waterslandian Government is made up of members of Thy Royal Family. Thy Royal Family has complete power over the nation and creating the laws.

National symbols

Object Symbol Secondary Symbol
National Animal/Mammal Monkey Rottweiler
National Reptile/Dinosaur Apatosaurus Spinosaurus
National Tree Redwood Tree Oak Tree
National Flower Tye Dye Rose Tiger Lily
National Symbol The Crown The Flag
National Sport Golf Bowling
National Letter 'W' None
National Bird Parrot Blue Jay
National Scent Cashmere Woods Linen
National Musical Instrument Guitar Recorder
National Faith Southern Baptism Christianity Church of Christ
National Color Yellow Pink

National holidays

Holiday Date observed First year observed as a national holiday First year celebrated
New Year's Day 1 January 2023 2011
First Duke's Day 11 February 2023 2015
Day of Love 14 February 2023 2011
Jerry's Day 11 March 2023 2020
First King's Day 13 March 2023 2011
St. Patrick's Day 17 March 2023 2011
First Prince's Day 18 March 2023 1977
First Princess's Day 13 April 2023 1977
First Duchess's Day 5 May 2023 1957
First Noble's Day 6 May 2023 2011
Autumn's Day 22 August 2023 2022
Ellott Day 2 October 2023 2021
National Animals' Day 4 October 2023 2022
Independence Eve 7 October 2023 2022
Independence Day 8 October 2022 2022
Thanksgiving 24 November 2022 2011
Thanksgiving Day 2 25 November 2022 2022
Thanksgiving Day 3 26 November 2022 2022
Christmas Eve 24 December 2022 2011
Christmas Day 25 December 2022 2011
Christ's First Day 26 December 2022 2022
New Year's Eve 31 December 2022 2011


A patetaday is a holiday with no cultural importance to Waterslandia but is an official holiday.

Patetaday Date observed First year observed Acaday or meday
National Soda Day 2 June 2023 Meday
National Fictional Book Day 14 June 2023 Acaday
National Non-Fictional Book Day 7 July 2023 Acaday
National Swimming Day 12 July 2023 Meday
National Workout Day 27 July 2023 Meday
National Geography Day 1 September 2023 Acaday


A nobleday is a day to celebrate a noble.

Date observed First year observed
12 October 2022 2022
13 October 2022 2022
18 October 2022 2022


— Office of War

— Office of Border Control

His Majesty’s Royal Military

— Office of Border Control

  • Ministry of Education

— Office of Public Schools

— Waterslandia National Library

— Office of the Church

— Office of Diplomacy

Waterslandia Copyright Office

— Waterslandian Broadcasting Administration

— Waterslandian Weather Service

— Office of National Parks

— Office of Nature and Animals

  • Ministry of Sanitation

— Litter Control Office

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Waterslandian Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages international diplomacy and tourism. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was founded 9 October 2022 to manage foreign relations.

Ministry of Information

The Waterslandian Ministry of Information conducts surveys and censuses. The Ministry of Information (MI) was founded 9 October 2022 as the Ministry of Research to conduct surveys of the Waterslandian people. On 2 November 2022, the Ministry of Research's name was officially changed to the Ministry of Information.

Watersia City

Watersia City, formally known as the Federal District of Watersia City, is the capital city of the the Holy Republic of Waterslandia.

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