Heather (dog)

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Heather (dog)
Heather in 2019
Other name(s)Heather "Hellion" Hackett-McGrath
SpeciesCanis lupus familiaris
BreedWest Highland White Terrier
c. 2017
Upstate Michigan, USA Flag of Michigan.svg
Years active2019-present (claimed by gov.)
Known forMascot of Paloma
OwnerAidan McGrath

Heather, officially Heather "Hellion" Hackett-McGrath[a], is a West Highland White Terrier who belongs to the family of President McGrath of the Free Socialist State of Paloma. Born in up state Michigan, the dog was in hands of an female who was a breeder of many Scottish Terrier Breeds (including Heather), and then was bought by Sir Aidan McGrath and soon moved to live with McGrath's Grandfather.'

Early life


Orders and awards


  1. Legally Dame Heather Hackett-McGrath OH in the Kingdom of Ikonia.