Head of the House of Wellmoore

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The Head of the House of Wellmoore is the Chair of the ruling family of the Kingdom of Wellmoore as well as the monarch of the Kingdom.

Head of the House of Wellmoore
Chefe da Câmara dos Wellmoore
Royal Standard of Wellmoore.svg
Royal Standard of King Luke of Wellmoore
Luke I of Wellmoore

since 14 March 2020
House of Wellmoore
StyleHis Majesty
Member ofHouse of Wellmoore
ResidenceMidnight Palace
Term lengthLife Tenure
PrecursorPresident of Wellmoore
Formation14 March 2020
First holderLuke I of Wellmoore
DeputyPrince/Princess of Apsion



The role of Head of the House was founded on the 14th of March 2020, with the formation of the House of Wellmoore.


Issuing Titles

As the Head of the House is also the King or Queen of Wellmoore they are responsible for issuing titles to members of the House.

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