House of Wellmoore

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House of Wellmoore
Câmara dos Wellmoore
Country Kingdom of Wellmoore
Place of originEngland (Macronation)
Wellmoore (Micronation)
Founded14 March 2020
Current headLuke I of Wellmoore
TitlesMonarch of Wellmoore,
Monarch of Malpok
Prince/Princess of Apsion,
Prince/Princess of Fairwood,
Prince/Princess of Oxhall,
Viscount Lincasher (Novus Hierosolymis)
Crown Prince of Malpok

The House of Wellmoore is the royal house currently ruling the Kingdom of Wellmoore, being founded on 14 March 2020 along with the nation and being on the throne since. Since the House's foundation there has been one Wellmoorean Monarch: Luke I of Wellmoore.



The House of Wellmoore was founded on the 14th of March 2020 along with the foundation of the Kingdom of Wellmoore by King Luke I of Wellmoore.

The name House of Wellmoore was chosen for the name of the House as King Luke, the founder, founded Wellmoore as well so the name is to signify the relationship of the family to the nation.


The House of Wellmoore is also a noble house in Novus Hierosolymis, with King Luke being Viscount Lincasher (formerly being the Baron of Rilusia).

  • Kingdom of Wellmoore (Since 14 March 2020)
  • Novus Hierosolymis (Baron of Rilusia: 27 March 2021 - 18 May 2021, Viscount Lincasher: 30 May 2021 – Present Day)
  • Republic of Tinakula (As Co-President, 13 February 2022 – Present)
  • Kingdom of Malpok (Since 15 November 2022)

List of Monarchs

List of Wellmoorean Monarchs from the House of Wellmoore.

Name Coronation Reign Death or Abdication
Luke of Wellmoore 14 March 2020 14 March 2020 – Present N/A

King Luke of Wellmoore

King Luke I of Wellmoore is the House and Nation's founder. He's also the first and longest reigning King of Wellmoore. He ascended to the Wellmoorean Throne on 14 March 2020 straight after the foundation of the Kingdom of Wellmoore.


Current members

By the rules of the House, the monarch always sits as head of the House of Wellmoore.


House membership is gained by either:

  1. Being born into the family, or
  2. Marry into the house.

However it's up to the Head of the House of Wellmoore to issue the House member's titles.

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