President of Wellmoore

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President of Wellmoore
Presidente de Wellmoore
Office abolished

since 14 March 2020
Office of the President of Wellmoore
StyleMr President
TypeHead of State
Head of Government
AppointerDirect Election
Term length5 Years
Formation14 March 2020
First holderLuke of Wellmoore
Final holderLuke of Wellmoore
Abolished14 March 2020
Superseded byMonarchy of the Kingdom of Wellmoore
DeputyVice President of Wellmoore

The President of Wellmoore was the executive Head of State and Government in the former Wellmoorean Republic (now the Kingdom of Wellmoore).


The role of President of Wellmoore was established with the founding of Wellmoore and was abolished after the rise of the monarchy on 14 March 2020.



The duties of the President of Wellmoore included:

  • Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Wellmoore
  • Presiding over Government Meetings
  • Proposing Acts of Government
  • Chairing the Cabinet
  • Head of his or her Political Party
  • Appointing Ministers and the Vice President

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