Harenese Autonomous Republic

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Harenese Autonomous Republic
Harenese Autonoma Republiken

Flag of Haren.png
Flag of Haren
Emblem of Haren.png
Coat of Arms

In Defens
May our flag fly over the islands
Hastate.png Map of Haren (note that the map is from United Islander times) Claimed, but not controlled (light green)
Official language(s)English, Dutch, Swedish
DemonymHarenese (adj)
Harenese (con)
GovernmentAutonomous Republic under Presidential System
- PresidentTBE
- Speaker of the National AssemblyDenis Lee
LegislatureNational Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
Established11 August 2017 (de facto)
22 July 2015 (constitutional and de jure)
Area claimed1km²
Population24 (if)

Haren, officially the Harenese Autonomous Republic and also known by its acronym HAR is a small self proclaimed autonomous area over the Island of Haren, The H.A.R lie north of the Fennonscandian sectors in the Aland island chain The nation has one village as its capital, Harerü,

The micronational history of Haren began when Haren declared indenpendence as the Republic of Haren. The nation was an unregconised by the Fennoscandian states due the fascist rule of the state. It was also a small state controlled by 2 people. The nation with was divided into zones controlled by Tim van Varrik and Wekno Alfrink The state existed for only 2 months until the United Islands invaded Haren and made it as the 8th state, After the United Islands collapsed into 4 states Haren reconstituted itself as the H.A.R and is recognized as the continuing legal personality and sole successor state of the United Islands It is governed as a semi-presidential republic.

Most oudsiders described the H.A.R as a rump state of the United Islands, United Islander culture is considered a branch of the Nordic cultures of Europe. The As aforementioned, the culture is based on that of Northern Europe, however is mostly influenced from Finland. There are many different ethnic groups within the Republic, but the country is mostly influenced by the Finnish-Swedish traditions, With clothes, a Western-European style is mainly adoptes due to the position of The Republic. However, many men and women wear casual and other such items too. The cuisine is mainly meat, such as cow, horse and pork; UI's national drink is Dazul with is actuly water with alcohol