National Assembly of Haren

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National Assembly
Provisional Parliament
Dennis Lee, Independent
Political groups
     Socialist (5)
     Unpledged Conservatives (2)
     ARPO (1)
     Independents (7)
Next election
Meeting place
File:National Assembly Haren Provisional.jpg

The National Assembly unicameral representative body of the citizens of the Harenese Autonomous Republic; it is Haren's legislature. The Parliament is composed of not less than 15 members elected to a four-year term on the basis of direct, universal, periodic and equal suffrage by secret ballot. The National Assembly is presided over by a Speaker of the National Assembly,

History of the Parliament

The history of the National Assembly traces back to the United Islander parlement, the Parlamentet he Parlamentet was found to replace the Staatsraad On 23 August the Parlamentet was the first to a unicameral assembly with 10 seats. soon on 6 december 20 seats where added


The National Assembly powers are defined by the Constitution and they include: defining economic, legal and political relations in Haren, preservation and use of its heritage and entering into alliances and diplomatic relations. The National Assembly has the right to deploy the Haren armed forces abroad, and it may restrict some constitutional rights and liberties in wartime or in cases of imminent war or following natural disasters. The National Assembly amends the borders of Haren or the Constitution, enacts legislation, passes the state budget, declares war and decides on cessation of hostilities, adopts parliamentary resolutions and bylaws, adopts long-term national security and defence strategies, implements civil supervision of the armed forces and security services, calls referenda, performs elections and appointments conforming to the constitution and applicable legislation, supervises operations of the Government and other civil services responsible to the parliament, grants amnesty for criminal offences and performs other duties defined by the constitution.


Logo Name Abbr. Leader Ideology MPs
40px Socialist Party of Haren SPH Djanine Vlielon Social democracy, Marxism, Progressive, New-left, Western, Modernism, Social liberalism
5 / 15
40px Alt Right People's Party APRO Samuel Bakker Alt-Right
1 / 15