Green Party of Lytera

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Green Party
DE: Grüne Partei
PY: Partiya zelenykh
JP: Gurīnpātī
LeaderDuchess Karen & Duke Michael
SloganSave the world while there's a world to save
Founded15 February 2020
HeadquartersSt. Cavendish, Lytera
IdeologyGreen politics
Political positionLeft Wing
Official colors     Green
Parliament Seats
4 / 21
Council Seats
2 / 11

The Green Party, or Greens for short, is a political party in Lytera.

The party was formed on the 15th of February to act as a bulwark against the more extremist ideologies that were growing in Lytera. According to it's dual leaders, it's four core values are:

  1. Ecological wisdom
  2. Social justice
  3. Grassroots democracy
  4. Nonviolence

GP Party Leaders

GP Leaders
Name Portrait Country of birth Periods in office
Duke Michael & Duchess Karen Houseofbanks.png United Kingdom 2019-Present