Greater Kaleido National Land Guards

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Greater Kaleido National Land Guards
FGK Naval Ensign.PNG
Established 31 August 2016
Country Federation of the Greater Kaleido
Nicknames "The Guards"
Previous engagements
Current engagements Luna Crisis
Commander-in-chief HSH Lakan Gat Sandiwa, Monarch of the Greater Kaleido
Chief Dir. Gen. Lakan Gat Mahayap
General information
Headquarters Sora Naegino
Active personnel 3
Standard weapon Wooden Baton
Standard assault weapon Pellet Gun

The Greater Kaleido National Land Guards is the Land Component of the Greater Kaleido National Guards, the Civil Armed Forces of Greater Kaleido. It's current Chief is Lakan Gat Mahayap.


The Land Guards was founded on the 31 August 2016, along with it's Parent Organization, the Greater Kaleido National Guards through the Royal Decree of King Sandiwa I as an address to tge country's lack of Law Enforcement and Defense Forces.

Hours after it's Foundation, it entered it's first ever deployment in the mist of the Luna Crisis and established a Provisional Military Junta as well renamed the state as the Luna Democratic Republic.


  • Dir. Gen. Lakan Gat Mahayap, Chief of the Land Guards, Director-General of the National Guards.