Greater Kaleido National Guards

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Greater Kaleido National Guards
Established 31 August 2016
Country Federation of Greater Kaleido
Service Branches Land Guards
Current Engagements Luna Crisis
Commander-in-Chief HSH Lakan Gat Sandiwa, Monarch of Greater Kaleido
Chief of Staff Dir. Gen. Lakan Gat Mahayap
General information
Headquarters None official
Active personnel 6

The Greater Kaleido National Guard is the Civilian Armed Forces the Federation of Greater Kaleido. It was founded on 31 August 2016 through the initiative of Greater Kaleidan Monarch Lakan Gat Sandiwa, who was also the Ceremonial Commander-In-Chief. The current Chief of Staff is Director-General Lakan Gat Mahayap, who also become Greater Kaleido's Regent from 2–15 August 2016.


The National Guards was founded on 31 August 2016 by a Royal Decree issued by FGK Monarch Lakan Gat Sandiwa. The GKNG officially assumed Military Powers on August 1.

Several Hours after it's foundation, it was involved in its first initial war, the Luna Crisis, where the National Guards and it's Land Component, the Greater Kaleido National Land Guards took over the State of Luna and established the Luna Democratic Republic.


  • Chief Supt. Mart Ian Siapno, Deputy Chief-of-Staff of the National Guards


  • Greater Kaleido National Air Guards, Air Defense Component

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