Governor-General of New South Canberra

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Governor-General of New South Canberra
Flag of the governor-general
Sir Richard Henson

since 6 August 2023
StyleHis Excellency the Honourable
StatusRepresentative of the Head of state
Commander in chief
ResidenceGovernment House
SeatNew South Canberra City
NominatorPrime Minister of New South Canberra
AppointerMonarch of New South Canberra
on the advice of the prime minister
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure
Formation20 March 2020
First holderSir Robert Anderson

The governor-general of New South Canberra is the representative of the monarch, currently Albert, in New South Canberra. The governor-general is appointed by the monarch on the recommendation of the prime minister. The governor-general has formal presidency over the Federal Executive Council and is commander-in-chief of the New South Canberrian Defence Force. The functions of the governor-general include appointing ministers, judges, and ambassadors; giving royal assent to legislation passed by parliament; issuing writs for election; and bestowing New South Canberrian honours.

Governor-General in 2020

Governor-General It was formed in 2020 following independence from a Queensland and was granted the status of the "State of Canberra" with King George III and Sir Robert Anderson as Governor-General. But eight days later, the New South Canberra Parliament announced the end of the monarchy and appointed Sir Robert Anderson as the first president.

Governor-General in today

Governor-General has been restored again, After the New South Canberra Parliament decided to restore the monarchy again by granting the Queensland Government permission to allow the Queen of Queensland to become the Queen of New South Canberra again after announcing it was canceled in 2020.

List of officeholders

R. Portrait Name Term of office State Monarchy
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Sir Robert Anderson 20 March 2020 29 March 2020 9 days
Dominion Town
George of Canberra
Governor-General It has been abolished since March 29, 2020 after becoming a republic and this position was replaced as president until the office Governor-General reappointed in 2022 following the restoration of the monarchy.
- Sir Richard Henson
28 October 2022 6 August 2023 282 days
Dominion Town
Benedikte of New South Canberra
Albert of New South Canberra
2 Sir Richard Henson 6 August 2023 Incumbent 118 days
Dominion Town
Albert of New South Canberra