Government of Hélianthis

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Government of Hélianthis
Head of the governement:
H.E Mélissa Daude

since 22 January 2015
ResidenceCitadel of Blaye
Term lengthUndetermined
Inaugural holderMélissa Daude
Formation1 June 2013

The Government of Hélianthis called "First Government Tàrrega" is the third government of the Principality of Hélianthis. He took office after the formal appointment of Ministers on January 15, 2016. Its name comes from the title of Prime Minister, the Marquise de Tàrrega.

Prime Minister

Hélianthain Prime Minister is the head of government of the principality. He was appointed by the prince approves the appointment of ministers, submitted by the Prime Minister. He is also in charge of nationalization and registers of civil state.

Picture Name Province Political party Term Term start Term end Notes
1 Mélissa Daude Saint-Seurin-de-Cursac Unlabeled 3 15 January 2016 Incumbent Renewed for the third time, Melissa Daude is a great figure of the Principality. Advocating progressive politics, she is a discrete personality in the hélianthain political chessboard.


Ministers are appointed by the Prime Minister after approval of the sovereign. They are collectively responsible to the Sovereign and the Senate. After the constitutional reform of 1 April 2014, no number of minister in the Constitution allowing the prime minister to choose the number of person he wants.

Coat of arms Post Name Party
Minister of International Relations and Development of the Francophonie Mélanie Lantenoy Unlabeled
Minister of Culture, Communications and Internal Affairs Manuela Campobasso Unlabeled
Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development and Territories Yoann Baulaz Unlabeled