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OAM Global Union
Acronyms Federated Global Union
Secretary Tom Kap
Status Independent Governing Organization
Established March 24, 2018
Website None
Notes Organization to do projects


The Global Union is a federation. It's Land Claim is Scarborough Shoal , Rockall , and the Guano Islands.

They also have an Embassy in the Peoples Republic of Duke , Bearytown , and Authellia.

They are a democracy and the Government works like this. There are 7 Districts and 20 New Districts. Each District has 20 Representitives and each new District has 5 representatives.

They are recognized by Bearytown, Authellia, and the Peoples Republic of Duke


Passports are given to Representitives. The passports are accepted by Bearytown Customs , Authellia Customs, and Dukian Immigration.


Global Passport