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The Ganja Den Empire is a small micronation that was founded to promote the campaign to legalize cannabis in Scotland. In addition to this, it is also fighting against park rangers in Glasgow who repeatedly destroy harmless dens and constructions within Pollok Park. The Empire claims a small area of Pollok Park as it's territory and is governed by the Ganja Den Alliance (GDA).

The Ganja Den Empire
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Strathclyde map.jpg
Approximate Location of The Den green.

National Anthem:(Official) Wanted Dead Or Alive,(Unofficial) The Pollok Park Brigade
Motto:Remember The DenFor Sanjay And The Greater Glory of Team Puma
Capital The Old Den, Pollok Park, Glasgow

Official languages English, Urdu, Irish

Legislature Ganja Den Alliance
Seats Approx. 12 at any one time

– Building of The Old Den Approx. 2006
– Creation of GDA post March 2009
– Creation of Empire at The New Den April 2010

– GDA 15-20
– Visiting Stoners Approx. 10 (since mid-2009)

Internet TDL .sc (seychelles)


See main article: GDLA

Midway throught April 2010, after the brutal destruction of their Den, the Ganja Den Alliance unanimously voted to take action against the perpertrators of this event. As a result the Ganja Den Liberation Army was formed as the military wing of the 'empire'. It is currently constructed of three brigades, each divided into battalions and then companies. In reality it is nothing more than a poorly armed paramilitary. In late April the GDA undertook a full retreat from what had come to be known as The Den into a larger complex of dens, linked by tunnels through the undergrowth, and so the Empire was formed. On the 27th of April, A Company First Battalion (The Pollok Park Brigade) of the GDLA formally began operations with the procurement of arms and planning of the "June Ambush".


  • The Pollok Park Brigade
  • The Busby Brigade
  • The South Ayrshire Brigade

Foreign relations

Enemies of State

  1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  2. British Armed Forces (Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force)
  3. HM Queen Elizabeth II
  4. Strathclyde Police (although most importantly, the Dog Branch)
  5. British Transport Police
  6. Glasgow City Council
  7. The British National Party (and all other rascist or "neo-nazi" organisations)
  8. The Orange Institution (and all others who incite hatred, sectarianism and bigotry of any form)