Ganja Den Liberation Army

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Active 2010 – present
Country (currently operating in) Ganja Den Empire, Scotland
Active Service Units (ASU) The Pollok Park Brigade, The Busby Brigade, The East Ayrshire Brigade
Rank Held By ASU's Volunteer (led by an Officer Commanding)
Current Engagements War of Legalization
Standard weapon Petrol Bomb (at present)

The Ganja Den Liberation Army , abbreviated as GDLA , is the military wing of the Ganja Den Empire. In practice, they are more commonly considered a small band of rebels from Glasgow, Scotland. On the 27th of April, A Company First Battalion (The Pollok Park Brigade) of the GDLA formally began operations with the procurement of arms and planning of an engagement with the Park Ranger Service in early June 2010.

Divisions of The GDLA

  • The Pollok Park Brigade
  • The Busby Brigade
  • The East Ayrshire Brigade

Proscribed Terrorist Organizations And Enemies of the State

Listed enemies of the state include:

  1. Flag of the United Kingdom.pngThe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  2. Flag of the United Kingdom.pngBritish Armed Forces (Royalnavyfalg.jpgRoyal Navy,Britisharmyflag.jpg British Army,Airforceflag.jpg Royal Air Force)
  3. ImagesCAF2526M.jpgStrathclyde Police (although most importantly, the Dog Branch)
  4. Transport police.jpgBritish Transport Police
  5. ImagesCAEGG3PW.jpgGlasgow City Council
  6. ImagesCAEGG3PW.jpgThe Park Ranger Service (See Above)
  7. Bpp.jpgThe British National Party & British People's Party (and all other rascist or "neo-nazi" organisations)
  8. ImagesCACZRSPS.jpgThe Orange Institution (and all others who incite hatred, sectarianism and bigotry of any form)

War of Legalization

War of Legalization
Strathclyde map.jpg
Date: April 2010 – Present
Place: West Central Scotland & GDE
Outcome: No outcome, no violent engagements as of 6 May 2010.

ImagesCAZBTSJQ.jpgGanja Den Empire

ImagesCAOMI8I8.jpg Ganja Den Alliance

Ganja Den Liberation Army

Cuba-flag.gif Team Puma

ImagesCAEGG3PW.jpg Park Ranger Service

ImagesCAF2526M.jpgStrathclyde Police (Dog Branch)

Flag of the United Kingdom.png United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


ImagesCAZBTSJQ.jpg Undisclosed
ImagesCAOMI8I8.jpg Undisclosed
Army Council
Cuba-flag.gif Undisclosed


ImagesCAZBTSJQ.jpgGanja Den Empire: Unknown

ImagesCAOMI8I8.jpgGanja Den Alliance: 15-20 members

GDLA: 3 Brigades, poorly equipped.

ImagesCAEGG3PW.jpg Park Ranger Service: Approx. 20 (in Pollok Park)

ImagesCAF2526M.jpg Strathclyde Police Dog Branch: Unknown quantity of Officers/Dogs

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The Gazebo in Pollok Park, closest landmark to true location of the actual Den currently disclosed. Approximately 100-200 metres from boundary of GDE