Kingdom of Gaerstania

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Kingdom of Gaerstania
and Great Munkkia

(Danish) Kongeriget Gaerstanien og Stormunkkia
(Esperanto) Reĝlandon Gaerstanio kaj Grandaj Munkkio

Qrrqrqr - Kopi.jpg
National flag
National emblem

"Inveniam viam"
"I Shall Find a Way or Make One"
National Anthem
Thousand Footsteps

List of cities and territories of Gaerstania
CapitalThe seal of the southern providence.png South Providence
Official languageDanish, English, Qeelish, Esperanto
Official religionMilaw Vihoven
Ethnic groupsDanish Munkkian, Danish

GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- King Mathias L. Magnussen
- Prime Minister None

LegislatureThe People's Council

EstablishedIndependence from Munkkia - 27th of June 2015
Area claimed1542 m2
Population2 (est. June 2015)
CurrencyGaerstani krone, DKK
Time zoneUTC

The Kingdom of Gaerstania and Great Munkkia, (KGGM) commonly refered to as "Gaerstania" (Also spelled "Gærstania") is a sovereign constitutional monarchy bordering Denmark. Gaerstania gained independence from the People's Republic of Munkkia after a conflict between government officials, which resultet in the split of Munkkia into two sovereign states. Gaerstania was officially founded on the 27th of June 2015 by President Mathias L. Magnussen, who declared himself King of Gaerstania on the same day.

History of Gaerstania

The Munkkia Split

On the 27th of June 2015, a few days after the one year anniversary of Munkkias existance, the Council of Munkkia held a meeting. President Mathias offered two solutions to an impending problem: Two Council members would be leaving Munkkian territory shortly, and Mathias feared this would result in the end of the People's Republic of Munkkia, and would lead them away from micronationalism all together. Mathias proposed a split within Munkkia, where President Mathias, who reamined in Munkkia territory, would establish a new state, and Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen could establish his own sovereign nation on the Faroe Islands.


The Kingdom of Gaerstania was established on the 27th of June 2015. Later that day, Great Munkkia was added to the title.

Monarchy of Gaerstania

The King of Gaerstania is HIH King Mathias L. Magnussen I, previous president of Munkkia. His domestic partner, TIH Prince Consort Bogo I, is the only other member of the royal family.

Geography of Gaerstania

Gaerstania & G.M. is split into two sections: Gærstania & Great Munkkia. Gaerstania borders the town of Stenstrup on southern funen, and is split up into four cities, South Providence being the capital.

The Royal Castle of Gærstania located in New Royalis, also refered to as the "Cozy Castle" by the monarchs of Gærstania is the only building in Gærstania.

The three remaining cities are Imperia, St. Ansgar and New Royalis. The four cities border each other. Three of the cities consist mainly of grassy meadows, with New Royalis having the Royal Castle of Gærstania aswell as a stone foundation. New Royalis borders a tree field, South Providence borders a local lake.

New Royalis

The City of New Royalis is the smallest city in Gaerstania, aswell as the location of the Royal Castle and the only Gaerstanian city not consisting of grassy meadows. New Royalis gets its name from the location of the Royal Castle, and the "New" for it's relatively modern structure compared to other Gaerstanian cities. New Royalis is about 25 to 30 m2.

South Providence

The City of The South Providence is the largest and oldest city of Gaerstania. South Providence became a colony of the Empire of Munkkia in January 2015, but was disbanded following the fall of the empire. The South Providence gained the status of "City" by Munkkia during the People's Republic of Munkkia era. South Providence consists of 150 to 200 m2 of tall grass and a few trees. Despite being called the Southern Providence, it's the most northern point of Gaerstania, and was called Southern Providence for it's relative southern placement to Munkkia.

St. Ansgar

The City of St. Ansgar is the most southern point of Gaerstania. St. Ansgar consists of 50 to 80 m2 of grassy meadows. St. Ansgar has the Gaerstanian Pear Tree, the only national source of agroculture in Gaerstania.


The City of Imperia consists of about 80 to 90 m2 of grassy meadows.

Culture of Gaerstania

National holidays

· 1 January - New Year - New Year in the Gregorian calender.

· 19 March - Independence Day - Celebrates the independence from the People's Republic of Munkkia.

· 24 April - Kings Birthday - The birthday of the first king Mathias I of Gaerstania.

· 27 June - Day of Nyeldur - A Munkkian holiday celebrating the friendship and community in Munkkia. Celebrated by lighting candles, eating cake and spending time with friends and family.

Diplomatic relations

Gaerstania recognizes diplomatic relationships with other small nations, and actknowledge their right to self determinaion. The Head of State or Monarch of the respective nation is usually awarded the Order of The Five Pointed Star as a sign of friendship.

· 261407 247614288588350 2625018 n.jpg State of Sandus - 14 July 2015

· CQfa04nw.jpg Holy Empire of Arcadia - 14 July 2015

· 7818qC7o.jpg Kingdom of Viper - 14 July 2015

· Oriflamme-icon.jpg Principality of Lorenzburg - 14 July 2015

· Flag of Surland.png Consulat of Surland - 14 July 2015