Freedomian-Legendstries War

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The Freedomian-Legendstries War was an early conflict between the Empire of Freedomia, led by Prime Minister Mark Williams and Lord Chancellor Dakoda George, and Legendstries, a small fiefdom whose leader entered into a personal quarrel with the Freedomian Prime Minister, leading to a declaration of war. Freedomia was supported by the Kingdom of Kirkland during the brief conflict.

Freedomian-Legendstries War
Date9 March 2011 - 21 March 2011
Result Dissolution of Legendstries, Victory for Freedomia


Empire of Freedomia
Kingdom of Kirkland


Commanders and leaders
Markus II
Dakoda George
King Brayden I
Garrett J. Piofcyk




President Garrett Piofyck of Legendstries claimed in early March 2011 Freedomia was a "Nazi fascist" state, angering Prime Minister Mark Williams, who declared war on Legenstries in retaliation, demanding its surrender and annexation into the Empire.

There were during this war no casualties or direct fighting. It was only after Piofcyk was ill that Prime Minister Williams unilaterally declared victory, adding that Piofyck oft refused to acknowledge the conflict. Victory was declared on 21 March 2011 by Williams in a missive to Lord Chancellor George.

Later developments

In September 2016, President Piofcyk claimed that Legendstries never really existed. In an effort to discredit the Holy Empire of New Israel's government, whose leader Markus II was the former Prime Minister of Freedomia, the Grand Republic of Delvera solicited Piofcyk to give his side of the story. While Piofcyk claimed Legendstries never existed, Markus maintains it did exist, albeit as a relatively non-serious entity. Moreover, Markus possesses documents dated from October 2009 that corroborate the existence of the entity.[1]