Foreign relations of Shurigawa

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a government ministry of the Greater Shurigawan Empire, responsible for the foreign relations of Shurigawa. The Ministry was established on 2015 The ministry is headquartered in the Shurigawan capital of Gayo and counts on more than 200 missions as embassies, permanent representation offices and consulates general, abroad.


Shurigawa is a member of the Alliance of East Asian Micronations. Shurigawa signed a non-aggression pact with Hao Trang in October 2014. Shurigawa has close economic and military relations with Chu; the Chu-Shurigawa security alliance acts as the cornerstone of the nation's foreign policy. A member state of the AEAM since 2014, Shurigawa has served as a permanent Security Council member

Recognized; Formal relations

Flag Nation Recognized Notes
PeoplesRepublicofHashimaFlag.png People's Republic of Hashima 28 September 2014 -
Flag of Taihan.png Empire of Taihan 17 October 2014 -
Flag of Chu (State).png Chuyan 1 January 2015 -
Yoko flag.png Empire of Yoko July 2015 -

Recognized without any relations

Flag Nation
Flag of Molossia.png Republic of Molossia
Flag Sch.PNG UfKpR Schwanensee
Flag of the Han Dynasty.png Han dynasty (Beiwan)
GermanReichofMednyiFlag.png Great Empire of Dikameppra
Flag of Kingdom of Torishima.png Kingdom of Torishima
Flag of Shengli.png Imperial State of Shengli

Recognized nations

Flag Nation
Flag of the United Nations.png All members of UN (with few expection)
Flag of Korea (1882-1910).png Yi dynasty (Recognised as a legitimate government of Korea)
Flag of Taiwan.png Republic of China (Recognised as a legitimate government of China)


Flag Nation Recognized Notes
HaoTrangsImperialstandard.png Kingdom of Haồ Trầng 28 December 2014 -