Florian Republic national rugby team

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Florian Republic National Rugby Team
Head coachStewart Florian
Home stadiumSaints Road Stadium (Capacity:25,000)
First colours
Second colours
Third colours
First international
41-29 vs Azerty.png Popular Union of Occitania
Biggest win
119-7 vs PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png Polish Republic of Freeland
Biggest defeat


The Florian Republic National Rugby Team represents the Florian Republic in Micronational Rugby. It was one of the founder members of Micronational Rugby and played the first rugby match in the microsphere against the Popular Union of Occitania, and won 41-29 despite losing 24-12 at half time. It recorded its biggest victory against the Polish Republic of Freeland on the 9th May 2017, winning the game 119-7. On the 26th March 2017, the Florian Republic lost their first match against Serbica 14-49.


The Florian Republic National Rugby team home kit is Orange with black shorts and socks.


The national stadium is Saints Road which is situated in Penlee. It has a virtual capacity of 25,000.


Fixtures and Results