Micronational Rugby

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Micronational Rugby
Formation24th April 2017
TypeRugby Federation
HeadquartersPenlee City, The Florian Republic
PresidentStewart Florian
WebsiteOfficial Website

Micronational Rugby, commonly known as MR, is an inter micronational rugby Union body for micronations. The idea was thought when The Florian Republic was formed. The national sport of that micronation is Rugby and due to the success of the MVFF, Stewart Florian formed the organisation. On the 25th April, the first official match of Micronational Rugby was played between the Florian Republic and the Popular Union of Occitania.The Florian Republic won 41-29 despite losing 24-12 at half time. Also on the 25th April the Polish Republic of Freeland joined the organisation.

World Rankings

The first rankings were released after the Florian Republic played the Popular Union of Occitania.

Rankings as of 14 May 2017
Rank Change Team Points
1 Steady Florian Republicflag.svg Florian Republic 15
2= Steady PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png Polish Republic of Freeland 0
2= Steady Modern Adasa 0



Middle East-Asia

North America

  • Sangheili Union.jpg Sangheili Union

Far East