Flag of the United States of Akkerman

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State flag of the USA
Государственный флаг США
United States of Akkerman


Aspect ratio



Vladislav Chokin
(14th November 2017)

State flag of the United States of Akkerman (Russian: Государственный флаг Соединённых Штатов Аккермана) is a national symbol of the Bessarabian micronation.

It was designed as local parody on flag of the United States of America.


Prototype of flag was invented in Summer of 2017, but was more similar to flag of Liberia because it used to have square canton with only one grape in it.

Actual version was created in November of the same year.


Classical flag of the USA consists of dark purple canton with 20 grapes, and field with 9 red and yellow stripes. Each stripe means one of the first states of country, while quantity of grapes hasn't special meaning.

Colors of flag together with grapes are borrowed from official banner of Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy.

Aspect ratio

Official flag has only one legal proportion – 2:1.

Territory of micronation is located in Ukraine, which flag has proportion 3:2. Despite almost all manufactures make their flags in it, 3:2 aspect is almost unacceptable for Akkerman's flag as it is completely unsuitable for all flags with canton and stripes.


Color Dark purple Yellow Red
RGB 60-0-40 255-244-112 177-45-42
Hex #3c0028 #fff470 #b12d2a



Flags of administrative entities

Flag Entity Meaning Proportion
Akkerman Rectangular (mostly used) version of an official flag of the Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy town. 3:2
Britovka Means the sunrise above fields. Flag's design hasn't historical background and was copied from flag of Arizona. 3:2
Mologa "Mologa" word is considered as the most "American-like", so regular highlighting of it is very appreciated. Flag of state is a parody on flag of California — it has a grape instead of star, cow instead of bear and sign "Mologa Republic" instead of "California Republic". 3:2
Sadovoe Also known as "western tricolor". Dark purple color means a water of firth, yellow symbolizes village and green is agricultural territories. 2:1
Salgany Two thin stripes are symbolizing the main transport lines which are going through the all state and connecting Shabo and Akkerman: a highway and railroad. Yellow field is village itself, and blue space below is a firth. 3:2
Shabo Purple color signs grapes and vine. Canton is a Swiss flag which symbolises a historical origin of village: it was founded by francophonic immigrants from Switzerland. 3:2
Suholuzhje Variation of "western tricolor", where green is not the fields but enormous thickets of bulrush. 2:1
Vygon The most extraordinary symbol of country. A lone star highlights big remoteness of village from central states. 2:1
Vypasnoe Flag shows geographical position of locality. Triangle describes contraction of town's outline into the narrow stripe of following villages. Below (in north) is firth, and above (in south) there are fields. 2:1
Federal cities
New Whiteyard Flag of New Whiteyard is actually a flag of Soviet Ukraine with inverted order of colors and without hammer and sickle. Meaning of 3 stars is unknown, they probably were added just for fun. Original Soviet Ukrainian flag could be more more useful, but it can't be adopted because of illegality of communist symbolic in Ukraine. 2:1
Dimension Flags Amount
3:2 Akkerman Britovka Mologa Salgany Shabo 5
2:1 New Whiteyard Sadovoe Suholuzhje Vygon Vypasnoe 5
Total amount 10