First Collins ministry (Seprana)

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First Collins ministry
2nd ministry of  Seprana
Date formed 28 January 2022
Date dissolved 4 February 2022
People and organizations
Head of government Ludwig Collins
Deputy head of government vacant
Head of state Thomas Jacobs
No. of ministers 0
Ministers removed
Total no. of ministers 5
Member party Sepranan Communist Party
Status in legislature Majority
Election(s) None
Previous Jacobs
Successor Collins II

The First Collins ministry was the second ministry of the Sepranan People’s Republic and the final one under the one party system. Ludwig Collins was appointed Premier after Thomas Jacobs resigned from the premiership to become President, remaining the General Secretary of the Communist Party. The cabinet dissolved on 4 February 2022 after a coup by President Thomas Jacobs overthrew the one party state, and sacked Collins from his position as Premier. Collins was later reinstated, with his title changed to Prime Minister, and the nation renamed the Sepranan Democratic Republic.