First Secretary of The Quetican Islands

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First Secretary of the Democratic Republic of The Quetican Islands
Symbol of The Quetican Islands
Gareth Henry Twain, Jr.

since 9 May 2016
StyleThe Right Honourable, Sir
ResidenceVoyageurs Palace of Olympus, East Voyageurs
Term lengthTwo years, or until a vote of no-confidence
Inaugural holderHenry Twain
Formation9 May 2016
Last holderOffice established
Salary0 M$

The First Secretary of the Quetican Islands is the official head of state of the Democratic Republic of the Quetican Islands. He is elected every two years by Parliament, however may also be removed once a new party gains power in the Parliament.

The first office established in the Quetican Islands, the First Secretary is the most powerful individual in Quetico, as well the most notable political figure. His power was very large and monarch-esque until the June 2016 elections, when much of the office's power was delegated to Parliament.

List of First Secretaries

Photo Name Home state Term began Term ended Allegiance
1. Gareth Henry Twain, Jr. QUETICO.png East Voyageurs 9 May 2016 Incumbent National Party of the Quetican Islands