President of The Quetican Islands

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President of the Democratic Republic of The Quetican Islands
Symbol of The Quetican Islands
Gareth Henry Twain, Jr.

since 22 May 2016
StyleHis High Excellency
ResidencePresidential Palace, East Voyageurs
Term lengthEight Months
Inaugural holderHenry Twain
Formation22 May 2016
Last holderOffice established
DeputyHead of State
Salary0 M$

The President of the Quetican Islands is the head of government of the Democratic Republic of the Quetican Islands. He is elected every eight month by the citizens and honorary citizens of the Quetican Islands. He is the assistant to the First Secretary of the Quetican Islands and is in charge of everyday executive business.

The office was created under the First Amendment to the Quetican Constitution, which was officially ratified on May 22, 2016.

List of Presidents

Photo Name Home state Term began Term ended Allegiance
1. Gareth Henry Twain, Jr. QUETICO.png East Voyageurs 22 May 2016 Incumbent National Party of the Quetican Islands