First Baltian War

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The Baltian war
Conflict: The Baltian War, also known as the North Baltian War and the First Baltian War
Date: 17 July 2009 - 31 July 2009
Place: Western Bolkaria, Central Tamir
Outcome: Arvas surrenders, Besliauscu Province ceded to Cheslovia from Arvas, Ud Mahazar and Seldov-Volodovkaya join BCSA, establishment of the Council of Baltia
Cheslovian Federation,
Principality of Malokaz

Other nations allied with the BCSA:
Democratic People's Republic of Erusia,
Kingdom of Ud Mahazar,
Federation of Seldov-Volodovkaya
File:Flag of Érvas.pngRepublic of Arvas

President Urosh Dushanov,
Prime Minister Boris Groznayev,
King Artur Voyislav

President Luch Daudzaz Tanya Kasyarsukovak


BCSA: 80+

File:Flag of Érvas.pngRepublic of Arvas: 4-5

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The First Baltian War or Baltian War (incorrectly called the "North Baltian War") began on 17 July 2009 after an argument between Urosh Dushanov (President of Cheslovia) and Tanya Kasyarsukovak (a citizen of Arvas and Cheslovia). The Republic of Zviyadia (a Cheslovian Republic) has been declared an area of marshal law by the Federal Government of Cheslovia due to Tanya Kasyarsukovak's residence there. Luch Daudzaz is believed to be under the influence of Tanya Kasyarsukovak, as intelligence indicates that Luch Daudzas has no disliking for Cheslovia, yet no liking for Cheslovia also. On July 19, 2009, the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia officially entered into the war on the side of the Cheslovian Federation.

Start of war

On 17 July 2009 Urosh Dushanov (President of Cheslovia) and Tanya Kasyarsukovak (Governor of Zviyadia) had an argument regarding the governor of Transylvakia, Yaana Kozhets, the result was Tanya's (spiteful) daughter Ulga Chekovak somehow contacting the President of Arvas to declare war on Cheslovia, (another theory is that the President of Arvas is supporting Arvasian citizens). The same day all BCSA members (Cheslovia and Malokaz) declared war on Arvas, the organisation ordered the immediate conscription of at least 80 soldiers.

Seldov-Volodovkaya enters war

On July 21 the Federation of Seldov-Volodovkaya ignored de-facto (non-signed) agreements with Cheslovia, and joined the war after the Cheslovian government requested Seldov-Volodovkayan assistance, this has caused the Cheslovian federal government to draft disciplinary plans which will be used against the so-called "rebellious citizens".

On 24 July 2009, after a meeting with Cheslovian officials Seldov-Volodovkaya decided to join the side of the BCSA as a sign of cooperation.

Peace offers

During the war the Cheslovian Federation reluctantly offered peace with Arvas, these negotiations were useless as Luch Daudzas was still under heavy influence from the aggressive Tanya Kasyarsukovak.

War ends

On 31 July 2009, the Baltian War ended when the President of Arvas, Luch Daudzas apologised to BCSA officials and offered to surrender. The BCSA altered the deal by forcing Arvas to cede the Province of Besliauscu to Cheslovia. Luch Daudzas accepted the peace deal and the war ended, the two rebellious Cheslovian citizens, Tanya Kasyarsukovak and Ulga Chekovak have not been punished for their crimes of treason yet, the personal feud between Tanya Kasyarsukovak and Urosh Dushanov is still ongoing.