First Allambi War

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First Allambi War
Central Allambi Territory.jpeg
The location of the main battle
Date28 June-11 July 2015
Result Peace made, territory gained by Allambi Republic
Forvania Flag.jpg Empire of Førvania Allambi Republic
Commanders and leaders
Emperor Nicholai I The President of the Allambi Republic
Units involved
Cricket bat, golf club Wooden weapons
1 3
Casualties and losses
0 0

The First Allambi War was a minor war between the Empire of Førvania and the Allambi Republic held in June and July 2015 at the Central Allambi Territory.


In June 2015, Emperor Nicholai claimed some land at the house of his grandparents, Duke Stephen and Duchess Jean. The President of the Allambi Republic, who is the Emperor's brother, overheard this, and asked to claim his own land, which he did, including a trench that he and his relatives had made.

They returned the next day, and the Emperor began to mark out territory for the CAT with twine. Once he was done, he realised the fact that the President, as well as his cousins, would attempt to invade. At this point, he armed himself with a cricket bat and golf club, not to be used to harm the Allambians, but to drive them away instead.

The battle

The battle was fought in the evening, which, considering the southerly latitude of the CAT, meant it was dark early, around 6pm. Much of the battle consisted of the Allambians walking towards the Emperor, who was guarding the territory. The major events were the twine being taken down, as was a sign the Emperor had put up (however, since it was a sheet of A4 paper pressed onto a stick, it would have been nonpermanent anyway).


The war technically went on until July 11, when a peace treaty was signed between the Republic and Førvania. However, this was signed by the President, and the fact that other citizens were unaware led to the Second Allambi War.