Federation of Nemkhavia

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Federation of Nemkhavia
Cónaidhm na Nemcabh
Conam Nemkhavija
Flag of Nemkhavia Federal seal of Nemkhavia
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto(s): Democracy, Brotherhood, Peace
[[File:|center|alt|Map of St.Charlie with Nemkhavia highlighted|270px]]
Official language(s) English, Irish, Nemkhav
Demonym Nemkhav
Capital Astor Impora
Largest city Astor Impora
Area  Ranked in St.Charlie
 - Total  sq mi
( km2)
 - Total
Admission to Federal Republic  14th February 2013 ()
Governor Marka Mejakhansk
Legislature Nemkhav Local Assembly
Time zone GMT
Abbreviations NKH [[w:ISO 3166-2:US|]]

The Federation of Nemkhavia, known colloquially as Nemkhavia (Irish: Conaidhm na Nemcabh, Nkh: Conam Nemkhavija) is a federation of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie. It is the modern incarnation of a micronation which has existed since 2009. Admitted to the Federal Republic on the 14th of July, Nemkhavia is its northernmost territory, situated on the eastern coast of the island of Ireland.