Federal Republic of New Holland

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This article is about the country. For other uses, see New Holland

Federal Republic of New Holland
Bondsrepubliek Nieuw Holland (Dutch)
Flag of New Holland
CapitalNew Rotterdam
Official languagesEnglish and Dutch
Demonym(s)New Dutch
• Voorzitter
Jared B
Independence from Australia
• Proclamation of Independence
9 July 2021
• 2021 census

New Holland ( /njuː ˈhɒlənd/ ), officially the Federal Republic of New Holland (Dutch: Bondsrepubliek Nieuw Holland) is a self-declared sovereign country in Western Australia.

New Holland has been a one-party federal Gamer Presidential republic since its foundation on 9 July 2021. The New Holland League is the sole legal political party in New Holland. The leader of the party, Daniel Hamilton, serves as the inaugural and incumbent Voorzitter (Chairman) of New Holland.

Politics and Government


The Voorzitter (Chairman) serves as the Head of State and Head of Government of New Holland, and holds absolute power. The former incumbent Voorzitter during the countries inactive age is Daniel Hamilton, who rose to power upon the nation's foundation in July 2021. however the current Voorzitter Jared B rose to power in late August 2021. The Voorzitter is free to enact, change or repeal the law at their will.


The Volksvergadering (People's Assembly) serves as the main legislative body of New Holland, although it is better described as an advisory body, as it holds no official power to enact legislation, only being able to draft and present legislation to the Voorzitter for approval.

Foreign Relations

New Holland is apart of the Swannian Union which is a union between Australis and New Holland established in late August 2021 and holds no independent diplomatic relations with other countries.