February 2021 Ceticilian special parliamentary election

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Ceticilian Special Parliamentary election, February 2021
← January 2021 19–21 February 2021 March 2021 →
  First party Second party Third party
  DSP logo Red.svg DSP logo Red.svg Ceticilian Ecological Union.svg
Candidate Nick Goblirsch Bee Ceticiliam Vapo Bapo
Party Democratic Socialist Democratic Socialist Ceticilian Ecological Union
Popular vote 8 7 6
Percentage 57.14% 50% 42.86%

  Fourth party Fifth party
  Ceticilian Ecological Union.svg Gpoc logo.png
Candidate Servilia Corvina Jordan Lord
Party Ceticilian Ecological Union Geolibertarian
Popular vote 4 4
Percentage 28.57% 28.57%


This election was held in the wake of the departure of Álvaro Barredo and Han Dülgeroğlu from Ceticilia. It was held from 19–21 February 2021. Before this election, the Parliament consisted out of two members of the Democratic Socialist Party of Ceticilia (Miguel Ceticiliam, Han Dülgeroğlu) one member of the Ceticilian Ecological Union (A.), one member of the Conservative Party of Ceticilia (Álvaro Barredo) and one member of the Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia (Pablo Zumo)

Electoral system

The electoral system in use in this election was approval voting. Empty ballots were not counted into the turnout and there were no spoiled ballots.

Results and Aftermath

In total, 14 votes were cast. Nick Goblirsch and Bee Ceticiliam (both DSP) got eight and seven votes respectively, making them the winners of this election. Vapo Bapo (CEU) held the third place with six votes and Servilia Corvina (CEU) and Jordan Lord (GLP) tied for fourth place


The DSP has also started to vote as a unified block in this legislature period.

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