Faltrian Republican Party

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Faltrian Republican Party
LeaderJaime P. III
Founded31 May 2021
Dissolved18 September 2021
HeadquartersBig Coulee
Membership  (2021)4
Political positionRight-wing
Official colors    
Faltrian Senate
4 / 17
Faltrian Cabinet
1 / 3

The Faltrian Republican Party was a right-wing political party in Faltree. Its' core values were similar to those of the Republican Party in the United States of America. Jaime P. III was the founder and the leader of the party, with the party at one point holding 4 seats in the Faltrian Senate. The party collapsed on 18 September 2021, after Jaime P. renounced his citizenship from Faltree.

Party statistics

Senate Cabinet Overall member count Government majority?
4 / 17
1 / 4
4 No