International Federation of Soccer Associations

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Federation International of Soccer Association
Spanish: Federacion Internacional de Soccer Asociacion.
FISA My Game is Respect.png

Official Logo of the FISA

Acronym FISA
Headquarters Mexico City, Mexico
Official Languages Spanish, English (Spanish being the mostly used)
Members 56 Members (15 Micronations Members)
Establishment September 20, 2002
Website Official Site
Founder Gamaliel Rodriguez
FISA General Secretary Arturo Sotelo Rojas
FISA Executive Committee President Gamaliel Rodriguez
FISA Executive Committee Secretary Armando Leal
FISA Administration of the Committee of Trustees Adolfo Boero

FISA Federacion Internacionale do Soccer Association Is an organization that is responsible for governing Interactive and Virtual Micronesia at the Micronational level, was founded in September 2002, and a year later organized its first Interactive Soccer tournament on the PES Platform "Pro Evolution Soccer", a one in a Principle only participated countries in an interactive way and in April 2016 took the decision to accept Micronations within the Organization.


The History of FISA goes back to September 20, 2002, founded on a Principle by Gamaliel Rodiruez, organized in July 2003 its first tournament called International Cup and popularly known as Inter Cup, it involved 32 countries, the tournament was developed For 3 consecutive editions, 2007, 2011 and 2015, the last being the last FISA International Cup, organized in a Virtual Mode.

The Organization remained active until 2015, and later in 2016, the FISA Executive Committee decided to accept Micronations, so in 2016 Organize the First World Cup of Micronations of FISA, which is yet to be defined, But already it was decided that it would take cavo in September of the 2016.


FISA "My Game is Respect"

The entrance to FISA is open to any Micronacion, that undertakes to organize and to maintain the Interactive and Virtual Futbol in its Micronation, at the moment the CASFUT and CONCAFUT decided to join to create a governing organ at continental level to form the CONAMEFUT "Confederation of The Americas of Futbol "and to create a called tournament · Latin American Cup" organized every 4 years.

Confederatióon Región Year M Sede President
Confederacion de America del Sur de Futbol (CASFUT) South America 2002 10 Buenos Aires, Argentina Jean Carlo Maldonado
Confederacion Norte, & Centro Americana de Futbol (CONCAFUT) North America & Caribbean 2002 08 Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico Arturo Sotelo Rojas
Union European of Soccer Association (UESA) Europa 2002 31 Brusselas, Belgium Jorge Rodriguez Santacruz
Afircan Soccer Associacion (ASA) Africa 2002 12 Lagos, Nigeria Arturo Urbina
Asia-Oceania Soccer Asociacion (ASOCESA) Asia & Oceania 2002 09 Tokyo, Japan Kim Yon Ho

Executive Committee

The FISA Executive Committee is the organ responsible for taking decisions in the Organization, and almost everything is processed to a vote and then taken.

Position Headline
President Gamaliel Rodriguez
Vicepresident Diego Sierra Juarez
General Secretary Arturo Sotelo
Committee Members Gamaliel Rodriguez Arturo Sotelo Jean Carlo Espinoza Alfredo Castañeda
Marco Linarez Arturo Urbina Cristian Guzman Simerman Erick Garcia
Edwin Camarillo Jesica Leal Galindo Roxana Salazar Diana Ruiz Mendoza
Odett Rodriguez Carlos de la Paz Rivas Luis Gerardo Roque Luna Armando Galindo
Specials Members Jorge Angel Rodriguez Santacruz


Comission President(s) Vicepresident(s)
Appeal Committee. Jean Carlo Espinoza Valeria Montes
Commission of Federative Associations. Enrique Benitez Marco Linarez
Audit and Compliance Committee. Arturo Urbina Luis Arguello
Commission for Sports and Social Responsibility. Rogelio Miramontes Cristian Guzman Simerman
Development Committee. Roxana Salazar Diego Sierra Juares
Disciplinary Commission. Carlos Buenaventura Ernesto Morales
Ethics Committee of FISA. Diana Ruiz Mendoza Adolfo Boero
Finance Committee of the FISA. Alfredo Castañeda Edwin Camarillo
Committee on Marketing and Television. Carla Rodriguez Horacio Perez
Media Commission. Oscar Bejarano Jean Carlo Esponiza
Committee of Arbitrators. Guillermo Vargaz Alejandro Gonzalez
Commission on Security and Integrity. Luis Gustavo Morales Gustavo Ruiz Mendoza
Interactive and Virtual Football Committee. Francisco Hernandez Ulices Flores
Organizing Committee of the International Cup. Gamaliel Rodriguez Armando Leal
Organizing Committee of the Street Soccer International Cup. Alfredo Castañeda Erick Garcia
Organizing Committee of the Futsal International Cup. Horacio Perez Carlos De la Paz
Organizing Committee of the Beach Soccer International Cup. Erick Garcia Luis Monroy
Organizing Committee of the Womens International Cup. Odett Rodriguez Kathya Viveros
Organizing Committee of the Womens Futsal International Cup. Diana Ruiz Mendoza Jessica Leal Galindo
Organizing Committee of the Olympiads. Gamaliel Rodriguez Cintia Perez


The FISA Organized in 2003 its first Tournament called International Cup and commercially called Inter Cup and it was disputed in Greece, in 2007 in Brazil, in 2011 in France and in 2015 in Autralia auque this last one was not able to carry cavo, in an Interactive mode .

Males Competitions

Torneo Tournament Champion
Copa Internacional de la FISA Aus.png Australia 2015 Bra.png Brazil (2011)
Copa Mundial de Micronaciones de la FISA Persico-Flag.jpg Persico 2016 Flag of the Democratic Republic of Belia.png Belia
Mens Olympiads Jap.png Tokyo 2017 Por Definir
FISA Street Soccer International Cup Jap.png Japan 2016 Denmark
FISA Beach Soccer International Cup Bra.png Brazil 2016 Rus.png Russia

Womens Competitions

Torneo Lost Tournament Champion
FISA Womens International Cup Uru.png Uruguay 2014 Ale.png Alemania
Womens Olympiads Jap.png Tokyo 2017 Por Definir
FISA Womens Futsal InterCup Usa.png Estados Unidos 2015 RCH.png Republica Checa

FISA World Ranking

Red Cola Sponsor of the FISA World Ranking.

The FISA World Classification, or Commercially called "FISA World Classification / Red Cola", is a classification system of Federations and / or Member Associations, which shows the Interactive Football Level of each Micronation.